Monday, April 7, 2008

The Iron Horse explores The New Frontiers' sonic landscapes this Friday at 10pm with Denison Witmer

This Friday night, The New Frontiers will be bringing their Dallas alt-country sound north to the Iron Horse (and it looks like they're bringing some Dallas temperatures with them). Like opener Denison Witmer, The New Frontiers craft delicate, compelling songs that are rooted in the southern gothic and Americana styles, but transcend the boundaries of these genres as they cross over into rock territory. With a quiet melancholy, frontman Nathan Pettijohn carefully guides his songs through a diverse emotional palette, building each tune layer by layer to establish a nuanced, textured sound that is rare among their peers. Check out their free daytrotter session to hear the energy and composition they bring to their live performance (and to download exclusive, unreleased tracks).

Denison Witmer hails from Philadelphia, where he has established himself as one of the alt-folk scene's favorite performers. Carefully crafted lyrics and melodies deliver a huge emotional impact that seems to far exceed the limits of the acoustic singer-songwriter. Witmer is a frequent collaborator with friends Sufjan Stevens and (Sub Pop darling) Rosie Thomas, and their particular influence shows in Witmer's ability to write beautiful songs that will repeat in your head with a resolve usually limited to bubblegum pop. Just check out "Little Flowers" on Witmer's myspace, and you'll see what I mean.

We're all looking forward to this Friday's concert, and expect it will be an excellent way to relax after this week's heat wave by kicking back with a beer and being swept away by the delicate beauty and perfect melody of Denison Witmer and the complex, dynamic soundscapes of The New Frontiers. You'll certainly be getting your ticket's worth, as the music that Denison Witmer and The New Frontiers create this Friday night in the Iron Horse Music Hall will haunt you long after our doors close.

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