Saturday, April 5, 2008

Patty Larkin, whose new album "Watch The Sky" is a Nick Drake-esque stunner, plays the Horse TONIGHT (Saturday). Julie Loyd opens.

PATTY LARKIN (Tickets Here) has always prided herself in her creative approach to music. The Boston Globe describes her unique sound as, "ambient folk-pop that shimmers softly and speaks in potent, dreamy tones." With WATCH THE SKY, Larkin has created a one of a kind release that she wrote, produced, engineered and sung in the style of a modern day, female Nick Drake. The result is a raw, intimate gorgeous sound that is all her own. Here Larkin has experimented with an odd array of original sounds, from her "slapsteel" guitar (lap steel detuned, played with drumstick and hand) to the "baribow," an organic take on a string section, played on electric baritone guitar with a child's violin bow. Nice!

Patty is a rare combination of talents. Over her 10 album history, she has honed a reputation as a "musician's musician", working with some of the brightest talents in American music. Long a favorite with critics, Patty is that unique level of artistic sophistication – one that her audiences have come to appreciate and her new fans will love. Patty Larkin has achieved a personal best with "Watch the Sky." The ever evolving artist has continued to search for a new voice, a fresh palate. Watch the Sky. Watch Patty Larkin.

Julie Loyd who opens the show, has a knack for making folk dynamic: "I'm tired of folk being seen as boring. Just because I'm playing an acoustic guitar doesn't mean I'm going to be singing about the mountains and if I am, I'm singing loud." Her fifth and newest album is Dandelions & Party Queens.

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