Thursday, April 3, 2008

Take a trip with space rockers Secret Machines at the Pearl Street Clubroom this Sunday night.

"Secret Machines take Pink Floyd psychedelia, Led Zeppelin stomp, and The Who-inspired choruses and charge them full of big-rock beats, atmospheric keyboards and all kinds of electronic whooshes." — Rolling Stone

New York City-based Secret Machines blend songcraft and melody with their acclaimed power to sculpt epic, dreamy, neo-psychedelic soundscapes. Every song is epic, or strives for it. While still playing homage to experimentalist pop groups Kraftwerk, Neu! and La Dusseldorf with effects laden, heavily processed guitars and primal, stomping drums, Secret Machines expand their universe to reveal both the icy peaks and murky depths of their musical machinations. Drawing comparisons to bands like Pink Floyd, Radiohead and the Flaming Lips, this duo describes themselves as "space rock," but this term just gets you in the door. Their blend of intense rhythms, guitar synth and haunting vocals has made them the new favorite band of David Bowie. Originally from Dallas, Secret Machines have toured with Kings of Leon, Interpol and U2. Openers Bellmer Dolls captivate audiences with their elegantly tormented performances, and spew musical venom that creeps into and seizes its hosts as a deliciously insidious pleasure. So bring along a change of clothes and some bactine. Alida Bystrom Tickets Here!

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