Friday, November 21, 2008

Kelly Joe Phelps, David Jacobs-Strain make for a quintessential Iron Horse evening this Sunday at 7PM.

Every time I've seen Kelly Joe or David, I've found my jaw at a lower elevation than usual at the end of the evening. To see them both in one night is one of those opportunities that the well fed music fans of the Valley might take for granted. Don't make that mistake this Sunday.

With roots in folk and country-blues, Kelly Joe Phelps serves up music the Washington Post says is brimming with “poignancy, passion and spirituality. The distinctive singer-songwriter coaxes satin-smooth melodies from his guitar, while his raw, honest voice delivers heartfelt lyrics. Phelps defies categorization. A singer of bluesy grit, he remains a great guitarist, yet he plays with an understatement that enhances the material, rather than overwhelming the listener with hot licks.

Here's some great video of Kelly Joe Phelps

David Jacobs-Strain, a consummate finger-style and slide guitarist, plays in the blues tradition but isn’t from it. You’ll hear echoes of Skip James, Charlie Patton, Tommy Johnson, and a song or two by Fred McDowell or Robert Johnson in his solo performances. But as a modern roots musician, singer, and songwriter, “I come from the language of the country blues, but it’s important not to silence other influences,” he says.

Great article about David Jacobs-Strain from the Santa Barbara Independent

Get tickets here.

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