Friday, November 21, 2008

Local pop legends The Sighs reunite for one night at the Pearl Street Ballroom, Friday, November 28th at 9PM with the Frank Manzi Band opening.

This gig will be a great place to run into old friends who are back in town for Thanksgiving.

The Sighs were one of the handful of locals in the '80s who were sucked into the star making machinery of the record biz. But before their major label debut What Goes On was released in June 1992, they slogged it out for ten years on the New England college and club circuit. They released a great single and EP and were drawing crowds in NYC when the industry took notice. In 1991 the Sighs flew to Los Angeles to record their major label debut. The album got solid reviews and radio play but label issues ultimately thwarted their national success, a local pop tragedy in the eyes (and ears!) of many. They remain a magnificent pop band and a chance to see them reunite for a concert is great news for fans as well as the new local popsters and their fans. (Photo: Sighs at the Baystate circa 1994.) Here's a vintage video I found. "Think About Soul." Tiny and slow loading but great!

Sighs tix here.

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jaz said...

allow me to translate: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" = "Michael Franti hugged me!!!!!"