Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yellow Dubmarine's Beatles Reggae Tribute comes to the Iron Horse on Wednesday, March 28th

Forty years after four legendary musicians crafted a classic album named for the studio they made famous, another group of supremely talented musicians is re-imagining that same album in their own unique way.

For Dub-Reggae rockers, Yellow Dubmarine, who formed in the fertile music community of the Washington D.C. and Baltimore areas, the choice to take on the Beatles masterpiece, Abbey Road, was a simple one.

There was a natural vision for it, they explain. "It is more of a concept album, and we knew it would be the perfect place to start. The resulting album, Abbey DUB, is an aural journey through the history of reggae with The Beatles as your guide. From "Come Together" through "Her Majesty," Yellow Dubmarine finds new life in all of the legendary album's 17 songs, keeping the heart of each tune present, but simultaneously re-creating them in an entirely new light.

Producer Kenny Liner of The Bridge, crafts a sonic landscape that in one instant recalls traditional Nyagbinghi drumming, before becoming a simple Rock-steady cadence which subtly evolves into a horn-laced, Ska groove full of Caribbean and Calypso overtones that gives way to a bass heavy Dub "riddim" that sways and bounces and gets everyone up and moving.

The decision to work with Liner was an easy one for the band, proclaiming, "There is no one we would trust more musically or professionally with this concept than him.
The development of the identity of Yellow Dubmarine's horn section as a strong singular voice and separate entity within the band helped create a wholly unique sound that allows the instantly recognizable tunes from Abbey Road to take on a whole new personality, a personality that is full of intoxicating, deep, danceable grooves.

Abbey DUB is a shockingly original take on the legendary album. Horns where there were once voices, a slinky groove where there was once none, and a smooth mellow essence that seems to find the long lost island-roots soul of Abbey Road. A blissfully exuberant, rock-steady, Jah-worthy celebration of the Fab Four, Abbey DUB is quite simply a chance to hear this much loved classic again for the first time.

Tickets for Yellow Dubmarine at the Iron Horse at 8:30 on Wednesday, March 28th are available at Northampton Box Office, 413-586-8686, online at

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