Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trampled By Turtles punk-prog bluegrass and Jonny Corndawg's cheeky country flirts with the white trash hipster fringe this Tuesday, November 15th at the Pearl Street Ballroom

Duluth, Minnesota five-piece Trampled by Turtles have come a long way since their 2004 self-release of "Songs from a Ghost Town," though they've never quite shrugged off that haunting, old-timey vibe summed up by their debut's title. TBT's progressive brand of bluegrass draws inspiration from Townes Van Zant and Neil Young alike, melding influences from all over into galloping, fast-paced heart-racers that ooze talent in the form of stunningly deft instrumentation. The breathtaking complexity of their songs allows every member a chance to shine - Dave Simonett's acoustic guitar and husky vocals serve as centerpiece at one minute, then Tim Saxhaug's bass, Dave Carroll's rollicking banjo, Erik Berry's mandolin, and Ryan Young's impossible fiddle mastery take over in turn or meld together into an orchestral bluegrass jam. Somehow, the band's live sets bring as just as much (if not more) energy to the table - after blowing the minds of festivalgoers all summer they'll bring their highly honed performance chops to the Pearl Street Ballroom stage this coming Tuesday, November 15.

Here's the music video for "Wait So Long," probably the most rollicking and addictive track on the band's latest record Palomino. It's probably thanks to songs like this one that "Palomino" was sitting pretty on the Billboard bluegrass charts for a year after its release.

Virginia-via-Montana country singer Jonny Corndawg will warm up the stage for TBT. Drawing his inspiration from the catchy Americana of '70s country artists (a style he calls "the lost art of the Real Deal"), Corndawg's prone to singing in his warm country-star croon about cars, girls, and drinking over incredibly fun, toe-tapping guitar riffs and irresistible melodic hooks. Don't worry, you'll have time to learn the lyrics before the show - you can stream his latest brilliantly titled record "Down on the Bikini Line" here.  
Tickets are available at Northampton Box Office,76 Main Street. 413-586-8686 and online at IHEG.com
By Genevieve  Oliver

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