Friday, September 30, 2011

Sidi Touré, singer-songwriter from Mali honors African sonic traditions at the Iron Horse in Northampton this Tuesday, October 4th at 7PM

Sidi Touré is a singer-songwriter from Mali who has garnered global acclaim for thought provoking songs that honor African sonic traditions in a manner that appeals to listeners from any continent.

Born in 1959 in the ancient town of Gao, Mali, he made his first guitar as a child, constructing it from his wooden writing slate. Growing up, Sidi Touré faced a conflict between the inexorable pull of music and the expectations of family and society, plus the significance and onus of a past that came with being born into a noble family. The Touré family had been sung about, and sung to, by traditional griots for centuries, but until Sidi challenged the rules as a small boy, the Tourés did not sing.

Throughout his time making music, Sidi's sound has both captured and challenged his roots. His music moves from the translucent swaying takamba to the trance inducing Holley, while the lyrics often address many non-traditional issues. Sidi has a critical mind and his songs have a purpose. His just-released album, 'Sahel Folk', a SPIN pick, features spontaneously recorded duets with other Malian musicians.

Sidi Touré is a worthy successor to Ali Farka Touré. Among Songhaï musicians, Sidi is the best. Sidi Touré has all the talent, quality, simplicity, playing and singing skills, it's incredible. We need people like Sidi." –  Bassekou Kouyaté.
 Tickets are available at Northampton Box Office,76 Main Street. 413-586-8686 and online at

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