Thursday, September 29, 2011

Local rock renaissance men Orange Television's new EP is due October 22nd preceded by the single Assembly Line

 Orange Television can get about as quirky as their band name. Getting their start playing parties at Umass Amherst, 'OTV' has transformed itself to a local rock n' roll act to be reckoned with.
Well planned and meticulous about their craft, Orange Television is constantly writing new material and reworking older songs already beloved by OTV fans. As they take the stage knowing what they expect from themselves, they are also aware of the mental journey their audience takes on, similar to psychedelic rock bands of the sixties such as Pink Floyd and The Doors. Their sound, spanning from post-rock to alternative, jam, psychedelia and classic, cannot be pinned down to one genre. 

In their recently released single “Assembly Line,” Feibusch brings you in with a lap steel guitar intro reminiscent of early blues, quickly culminating into a head banging yet danceable rock influenced jam, completed through Arnstam’s use of the cowbell and Heffernan's heavy bass lines. Feibusch’s vocals, which are quickly accompanied by newcomer Nate Martel’s, have a very different feel than that of Orange Television’s previous EPs, One Old Fashion Doughnut Welcome to the Pink House, recorded with former members. Feibusch and Martel croon in perfect harmony, each allowing the other’s radically different vocal styles to accompany and compliment the other.
Fans of Orange Television have come to expect the band’s continually diverging sound from EP to EP as well as the intensity OTV delivers during live performances, showcasing their enthusiasm by dancing wildly to new tracks, which include; Aisha, Bill Cosby, What to Do, Before I Part, and others. OTV newcomers can expect to be spellbound by the band’s use of distortion, delay, and other modulation effects that create their heavily psychedelic stage performance one beat short of hypnosis, while old fans wait eagerly to see what will come from this highly anticipated third EP, wondering what mental journey Orange Television will take them on next.

Their upcoming EP, "Extended Play" will be released October 22nd.  For more information, visit or
By Amanda Ressler.

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