Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spicy urban beats from French-born Chilean MC Ana Tijoux at the Iron Horse on Sunday, July 31st at 7PM

There’s a surprising gap between MTV mainstream hip-hop and the uber-coolness of what’s actually happening to the music nowadays. Unknown to the mainstream audiences, French-born Chilean MC Ana Tijoux may very well be that elusive next best thing in hip-hop music. Ana’s album 1977 pays tribute to the old-school hip-hop, mixing organic vinyl scratches, urban grooves, jazzy horn samples and Latin sounds. Ana’s voice is velvety and smoky, some times whispery, yet always seamlessly flowing with the the beats. One song standing out is the largely autobiographical title track “1977″ with its strong melody, Mexican trumpets, dynamic rhythms and truly excellent production.

Anamaría Merino (born 1977), commonly known by her stage name Ana Tijoux or Anita Tijoux, is a French-Chilean musician. She became famous in Latin America as the female MC of hip-hop group Makiza during the late 1990s. In 2006, she crossed over to the Latin mainstream pop due to her collaboration with Mexican songstress Julieta Venegas in the radio hit "Eres para mí". She is currently promoting her second solo album, 1977.

Tijoux is the daughter of Chilean parents living in political exile in France during Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship of Chile. After the return to democracy in Chile, Tijoux flew back to her father's land. Being a teenager, she found home in the emerging hip-hop scene of Santiago and she started rhyming first in French, then in Spanish. For a while, she formed part of a group that included Zaturno, later of Tiro de Gracia. In 1997, she joined Seo2, Cenzi, and DJ Squat to form Makiza.

Tickets for Ana Tijoux at the Iron Horse in Northampton on Sunday, July 31st at 7:00 PM are $15 at Northampton Box Office, 76 Main Street, 413-586-8686 and online at IHEG.com.

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