Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The IHEG Facebook Constant Concert Contest. LIKE us, FAVORITE us. Post a preview or review of a show. You're entered into a weekly drawing for free tickets to a show of your choice. Details below.

Just post a preview or review on YOUR Facebook page of any show at the Iron Horse, Pearl Street, or the Calvin Theatre, TAG the IHEG Facebook page, and include the venue and the date of the gig in the post, and we'll draw names regularly for free tickets.  You can do a straight Facebook post or link to your blog post from a Facebook post if you have a longer submission. 


3. Then, when you are writing your post, type the @ character and the first few letters of "Iron Horse" (with the space) and it will appear in the post as a link. It works the same way for artists' Facebook pages. Your post appears on the Facebook page of every page you include a link for.

4. You can do a straight Facebook post or link to your blog, but the Facebook post itself must contain the tag to IHEG's Facebook page. Your post can be a paragraph or two. It doesn't have to be a novel. Just say what you're feeling. The idea here is to stimulate conversation and excitement about worthy music.

4. We'll draw winners weekly and award tickets to one of five shows of your choice. You list the shows in order of preference and we'll give you a pair to one of them;  your top choice whenever possible.

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