Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pedro The Lion's David Bazan, one of Pastes's 100 Greatest Songwriters, plays the Iron Horse this Thursday night at 10PM

Paste Magazine named him one of the 100 Greatest Living Songwriters. Former frontman of Pedro the Lion David Bazan emerged from Seattle's thriving music scene persevered through the tough times and changing trends to continue making music true to his visions.
Now 34, the seasoned indie-rock singer-songwriter has much to show for his efforts, releasing four studio albums with Pedro the Lion, one album with Bazan's band project, Headphones and one studio release as a solo artist. His 2009 album and latest release, "Curse Your Branches," certainly pays homage to Bazan's band recordings, continuing to keep his music lyric-driven. Paste Magazine reviewers said, "Lyrics have always been the focal point of Bazan’s music, and here they carry a vast majority of the weight. Every word is crystal clear, and he sings slowly, as if to say, 'Make no mistake.' A languid pedal steel provides a steady backdrop; the tambourines and bells are perfectly restrained." Bazan's understated instrumentals and soulful vocals are effective for the artist; his lyrics deal with more personal and heavier topics than his previous works did. This bare-all style is indicative of Bazan's maturity, writing tracks focused on politics, religion and substance abuse. The singer-songwriter continues to prove himself as a true poet, set to the background of acoustics and Bazan's own growth as an artist.

David Bazan appears at the Iron Horse this Thursday at 10PM. This will be a very cool show in case you were wondering. Tickets here or at the door.

--Kirsten Swenson

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