Monday, April 12, 2010

Here We Go Magic play the Iron Horse Thursday April 29th at 10PM

Like many bands, Here We Go Magic has the leadership of a frontman. Accomplished artist Luke Temple, however, goes above and beyond what's typically expected of a band leader – the concept of the group was largely based on his own creative notions.

Grown out of Temple's Williamsburg, Brooklyn residence, the five-piece Here We Go Magic released a self-titled debut in 2009, garnering much critical acclaim from reviewers who were already big fans of Temple's talents. The Here We Go Magic project is a far cry from the frontman's earlier work, which included a raw, folk-rock sound reminiscent of, as Rolling Stone describes, a "Graduate-era Simon and Garfunkel." Even Death Cab for Cutie frontman, Ben Gibbard, said of Temple in the Rolling Stone feature, "That guy's ****ing great, an amazing songwriter ... His voice alone is so damn good – one of the prettiest voices in all of indie-rock, hands down." While different from his acoustic roots, Here We Go Magic displays Temple's desire to evolve musically, taking his inate ability to craft poetic lyrics and backing them with a psychedelic-pop/electro-folk sound. The track, "Fangela," (video below) pays tribute to Temple's skillful guitar-playing, slowly transitioning into a synth sound reminiscent of a Phoenix or Grizzly Bear song. "Tunnelvision" follows the same concept, blending acoustic sounds with electric-pop, and seamlessly layering in Temple's light, melodic voice.

Here We Go Magic plans to release their second full-length studio album, "Pigeons," (above) in June, currently embarking on a jam-packed touring schedule to expose listeners to their new beats. Their latest song off of their new album, "Collector," is available for sampling on the band's MySpace page:

Captivating locals Neighbors open. Get your tickets here.

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