Wednesday, March 10, 2010

England’s brilliant David Ford plays the Iron Horse in Northampton Tuesday, March 23rd at 7PM.

He’s gone over big opening for Ray LaMontagne and Aimee Mann and he knocked out the Iron Horse crowd supporting Ingrid Michaelson in 2008. But to get to the heart of UK singer /songwriter David Ford you have to go back to some of the great curveball mavericks of melody, romance, and inventiveness like Tom Waits, Neil Young and Todd Rundgren, whose haunting, harmonious melodies are frequently offset by barbed, poignant lyrics. Following critical acclaim in the UK for his debut, “I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I've Caused,” Ford travelled to the U.S where his album was met with stunning reviews in the New York Times, Rolling Stone and Variety. Ford found himself championed by NBC's Carson Daly on whose show he appeared three times. Neil Young and Springsteen are among his fans.

David Ford's distinction as a one-man band is well earned: his live show - which consists of him, an array of instruments, and a loop-generating machine has earned incredulous live reviews. The British troubadour is set to release his third album “Let The Hard Times Roll” on April 20 via Original Signal Recordings but the CD will be available at all his US gigs.

Customers at our box office have bought tickets based solely on David’s video for “Go To Hell” that we have running in the window. Watch the video for “Go To Hell” yourself!

Tickets for David Ford plus Rose Polenzani at the Iron Horse in Northampton on Tuesday, March 23rd at 7PM are available at NBO, 413-586-8686 online at Or Click Here.

“You will never see a better live performer - I've seen him around 10 times now, and his performances still leave me in awe. He puts his all into the songs, can play many instruments and is an awesome talent.” Simon S. of Guilford, Surrey (on Amazon

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