Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reid Genauer of Strangefolk, Assembly of Dust strips it down for a solo acoustic show at the Iron Horse this Thursday at 10PM

Reid Genauer is best known as a singer and songwriter. In that capacity he first hit the national stage fronting the band Strangefolk in the mid nineties. Since then he has gone on to cement his reputation as a prolific songsmith and band leader, fronting a second grassroots success story – The Assembly of Dust. Genauer’s success as a songwriter is qualitatively evidenced by the connectedness of his audience with his lyrics and quantitavily supported by two recent top 40 AAA hits: “Man With A Plan” from the Album Honest Hour and “Telling Sue” from Recollection.

The music Genauer makes with Assembly of Dust could be labeled “hick funk,” and has been compared to the likes of Paul Simon, CSNY, and The Band. It differs from Strangefolk in that the songs are more detailed and more composed “ The musicianship and as a result the songs themselves are more subtle” says Genauer. “Where Strangefolk was screaming and unleashed Assembly of Dust is conversational and practiced” The commonality of both groups is ultimately a backbone of Genauer’s trademark songs, characterized by thoughtful lyrics, hooky melodies and earnest vocals.

While Genauer is best know in context with other musicians he traces his musical roots to solo singer songwriters and has dabbled throughout the years in this arena. “ There is something very visceral and frankly safe about playing music with other people. I’m more comfortable in that setting” says Genauer “ but ultimately a song should be able to stand on its own and to some extent so should a singer songwriter”

It is to that end that Reid Genauer steps out this spring to test his songs and his mettle as a singer songwriter and to capture his fans with one lone voice in a room full of listening.

Reid Genauer plays this Thursday 2.4 at 10PM at the Iron Horse. Evan Dando plays at 7 (separate ticket.) Get your tickets here.

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