Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Laura Veirs-mania!

• On Sunday, July Flame was featured on NPR's Weekend Edition. Listen to Laura's interview here.

• “It’s full of texture… You almost want to run your hands across it and feel the nicks in the wood grain, or order it off the appetizer menu in your town’s new warehouse-district restaurant run by a ruddy-faced genius with a beard. It’s full of layered folk and indie-rock bucolia and plain-spoken but stretchy-thinking language, wherein everyday energies or objects transubstantiate into other, metaphorically richer ones. There are some great, seemingly unforced, séancelike moments here…” - The New York Times

• "It is, in no uncertain terms, Veirs' best work—a recording that travels effortlessly on the groundwork laid out by her six previous albums." Read the in depth profile from The Portland Mercury

• "July Flame takes its title from a type of peach, and its content is just as sweet and irresistible" - Rolling Stone

• "This is an obliquely beautiful record, as they tend to be. Poetic and simple." - The Independent

•"I struggled with [the] songwriting more than I used to,” says Laura Veirs, from Colorado, of her seventh album, yet it sits together like an unbroken rhapsody." - The London Times

• "July Flame is her seventh, and parts of it are so extravagantly beautiful that it will send you scurrying back to its predecessors, particularly 2004's Carbon Glacier. Recorded at home with new partner and long-time producer Tucker Martine, it has such an unassuming, homespun quality that you're constantly surprised by how expansive and richly textured its songs are." - The Gaurdian


Vancouver, B.C.-based artist Doug Savage put together an amazing video for the title track of the new album. You can watch it here.

Laura Veirs and the Hall of Flames, Old Believers, and Led To Sea play the Iron Horse on Valentine's Day, Sunday 2/14. Bring a date! Tickets here.

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