Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Enduring folk-rock duo Aztec-Two Step return to the Iron Horse Saturday January 30th at 7PM.

In 1972, Aztec Two-Step, whose name comes from a poem by beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, burst upon the scene with their self-titled debut album on Elektra Records. Since then Rex Fowler and Neal Shulman have spent a lifetime making music together. Their albums for RCA Records were staples of progressive FM and college radio and helped to bring the music of the 1960s into the 70s. The Boston Globe says “fans of the duo’s harmony-driven tunes and easygoing acoustic guitar riffs will recognize their James Taylor-meets-Simon & Garfunkel sound.” Aztec Two-Step continues to impress audiences with intelligent songwriting, dazzling acoustic lead guitar, and inspiring harmonies. They are one of acoustic music’s most popular and enduring acts.

Oddly I just came across a copy of the Ferlinghetti poety book at the Montague Bookmill this weekend and now here I find it's the source of their name. Here's an excerpt:


it was like this when

we waltz into this place

a couple of Papish cats

is doing an Aztec two-step

And I says

Dad let’s cut

but then this dame

comes up behind me see

and says

You and me could really exist

Wow I says

Only the next day

she has bad teeth

and really hates poetry.

Aztec-Two Step return to the Iron Horse Saturday January 30th at 7PM. Tickets here.

And don't miss the Pousette-Dart Band the following Saturday, February 6th at 7P

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