Monday, November 30, 2009

The Bob's 2009 Holiday Show filled with demented holiday chestnuts on Thursday, 12/11 at the Iron Horse

On Richard! On Matthew! On Amy! On Dan! THE BOBS' 2009 HOLIDAY SHOW features selections from their Rounder Records CD, Too Many Santas as well as new, demented holiday chestnuts, covers of tunes from The Beatles to Vince Guaraldi, and a healthy sampling of Get Your Monkey Off My Dog and their upcoming NEW all-covers album.

Family drama, loony relatives, overconsumption and badly misguided gifts: When you think about it, the holiday season was made for the Bobs. Now in its third decade of musical mayhem, the a cappella ensemble continues to ply a trademark style that combines astounding vocal agility, deliciously ridiculous original pieces, wildly imaginative arrangements of tunes by the likes of the Doors, Kurt Weill and the Beatles, and off-the-cuff stage antics that give every performance the edge of stand-up comedy.

The Bobs' holiday fare includes seasonal favorites such as the Beatles' "Eight Days A Week" re-imagined as a Hanukkah song; an ode to excessive lawn displays, "50 Kilowatt Tree"; the mall adventure saga, "Too Many Santas"; and that traditional Yule classic "Christmas in Jail." But it’s not all for yuks as they’ve been known to deliver a heart warning version of Vince Guaraldi’s “Christmas Time Is Here” that would have been the envy of the Hi-Lo’s or the Persuasions.

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