Thursday, August 20, 2009

Peter Mulvey’s "The Long Haul Tour”- Biking his way to the Iron Horse on September 26th,

Biking 1100 miles from Muskegon MI to Northampton performing 10 shows in 17 days : September 9-26, 2009

From September 9-26, Milwaukee-based, internationally-touring singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey will again take to his bicycle for a concert tour. This year’s third annual bike/concert tour will not follow the previous years’ path, when he rode a "circular route in Wisconsin" concept. The Long Haul Tour begins September 9 with a ferry ride from Milwaukee to Muskegon, MI, where Peter will take to his recumbent bike rigged with guitar and travel necessities and pedal to Grand Rapids for the tour’s kick-off show. From there it’s on to three more Michigan shows, then due east for three shows in New York state, and another three in Massachusetts - with daily rides this year ranging from 40 to 101 miles.

It’s no coincidence that Peter decided to expand his bike tour – which commences less than a month after the release of his new CD, LETTERS FROM A FLYING MACHINE (August 11/Signature Sounds). LETTERS and THE LONG HAUL tour share a common theme: both are a nod to future generations. LETTERS is a collection of original songs, plus spoken word recordings of four of the many letters Peter has written to his nieces and nephews since they were born. The letters and songs work together to assert that love is what outlasts us all; a message he’s hoping to convey to the generations following his. And touring by bicycle dovetails neatly with that message. Says Mulvey, "No matter what you do, it's worth asking yourself if you can do it differently, if you can do it more sustainably. Can I bike to work? Even if 'work' takes me a thousand miles? For me, that's a question that's been challenging and very, very fun to answer. And it's a question each of us owes it to future generations to ask."

Fellow songwriter Brianna Lane will also travel the entire tour by bicycle as the opening act. Bolstered on much of the route by a few other cyclist friends, Mulvey and Lane will travel with all their gear, without a support vehicle. "This is going to be a riot," says Mulvey with a grin. "Traveling over land, under our own power – that's elemental stuff. I'm looking forward to seeing what it does to the songs every night."

Please visit Peter’s MySpace page for training entries, video from his 2007 and 2008 bike tours, and notes from the road once the trip begins. You can get tickets for Pete Mulvey and Brianna Lane at the Iron Horse, Saturday, September 26th at 7PM right here.

Listen to a track off his new album:
Peter Mulvey - Kids in The Square

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