Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mountain Park Free Concert Pix

Rubblebucket Orchestra sends funky horns cascading over the hills. They'll be back at the Iron Horse in September with a lot of new fans I'm sure.
Views from the hill.
Unknown guy with geetar sporting stickers that lend a clue as to the inspirations. Perhaps a future IHEG booking?
Exploding knucks with Brendan and Tim. Knucks alone do not suffice.
Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens NAILED it for gospel fans and those who didn't know they were.
Johnny A and Sonny Landreth backstage caught talking guitar. Kelsey from WRSI The River and I interrupted to get Sonny to sign the guitar donated by Falcetti music to be given away Monday morning on The River.

Johnny A played a lot of Hendrix and Zeppelin and a tributre to Les Paul. The crowd loved him. Well played electric guitar sounds amazing nestled in the mountain setting.
Exploding knucks may not even suffice apparently.

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Anonymous said...

Some funny captions on some funny photos. Sounds like it was good vibes all day! Can't wait for Decemberists tomorrow.

Lee T.