Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Release Tuesday!

Two upcoming IHEG artists have new albums out today:

"American Central Dust" marks the return of Jay Farrar's midwest lament, booming voice, and overall knack for being as prolific as possible in a genre in which the old and done is embraced over innovation. Sonically, it's Son Volt at its best. While the guitar distortion was turned way down this time around, Farrar's vocals are pushed generously into the forefront of the mix spotlighting themes of blue collar lament that have made Farrar a convincing songwriter since the times when he fronted the Americana staple Uncle Tupelo. Considering the straight line progression of Farrar's songwriting, it is no surprise to find lap steel, string and keyboard dressings making "Dust" a solid representation of what Son Volt has always been good at and what they could keep going at foryears to come. -Lee Taylor

Son Volt will be performing at Pearl Street Ballroom on Saturday, September 19th @ 8:30p for tickets, call The Northampton Box Office @ 413.586.8686 or click here

Listen to the first single off the album below to get a taste
Son Volt - Down To The Wire

The new album from Bowerbirds "Upper Air" places this Raleigh, North Carolina duo atop our list of "Duos That Are Better Than The White Stripes." One priority for execution on these new songs is harmony and the guy/girl combination does not fall short. Part of our "Left of The Dial" summer concert series, Bowerbirds is surely "indie" with their conceptual lyric themes and almost math-rock rhythms that seem to convince that a song with just four chords must be dressed with sufficient unexpected parts to call it their own. They go out of their way
to stand out on this album, but nothing sounds forced. Even the simplest, straight-forward song like "Chimes" keeps me far from nodding off. There are no holes to be filled in this release.
-Lee Taylor

The Bowerbirds will be performing with Megafaun THIS SATURDAY, July 11th @ 10pm at The Iron Horse - for tickets, call The Northampton Box Office @ 413.586.8686 or click here

For a sneak peak, take a listen to the first single off the album
Bowerbirds – Beneath Your Tree

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