Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Louise Dunphy of WMUA remembers Koko Taylor

Queen Koko Taylor passed from this world recently. Koko’s passion and style of Blues rightfully elevated her to the throne of Queen of the Blues, a true national treasure and icon of these ages.

In the Iron Horse's early years, I saw Koko perform live in the then much smaller room, even more intimate than today. Around thirty years ago! Wow time flies. I remember sipping my Campari spritzer and feeling a rush over the gritty passionate performance of the amazing Koko.

That performance changed my life. Have you ever felt awakened to something you had no idea was missing from your life? That night with Queen Koko had that affect on me. I was a young sponge fresh out of my containment years and open to the possibilities. Koko ignited my own passion for music that night and I have never forgotten. Oh, I liked music and it was a staple in my life but that performance elevated my ‘like’ to passion.

When I hear her played on the WMUA Blues shows I instantly relive that initial buzz for something that is now my constant passion. Music! Thank you Queen Koko Taylor! Bravo! Bravo and thank you. Louise Dunphy

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