Thursday, June 4, 2009

Deer Tick return to headline the Iron Horse on Wednesday July 22nd at 8:30. Our swell new intern Carolines loves 'em and talks them up.

When Providence native John McCauley got his hands on Hank Williams Sr.'s "Gold" collection and locked himself in his room listening to it on repeat until he finished his bottle of brandy, it all became fairly obvious to him-- he was on his first tour just a few months later. That was 2004 and he was 18. After years of being on the road, fully developing his distinct howl of a voice, and honing his guitar skills, McCauley and his band Deer Tick has earned himself a following of devoted fans and supporters. They play super sweet blues, country, and grunge influenced music.

"I can't remember when it was that I first heard Deer Tick, or how it was that I found them. What I do remember is how I felt that first time I listened to John McCauley's deep raspy voice belt out through my speakers and from that point on all I could listen to for months on end was War Elephant in all of its country-tinged folk-rock glory.

The first time that I finally got to see them live at the Iron Horse some months ago it was amazing. They have such a remarkable stage presence and an infectious energy when they play, it's hard to take your eyes away from them. Paired with the sincerity with which they perform, it’s quite the experience.

With the highly anticipated upcoming release of their new album Born On Flag Day, I hope that they'll continue developing their music and doing what it is they do best. The new songs that have been released from the album, "Easy" and "Little White Lies," are both exciting and affective, and have a newly developed sound that you'd expect from the second album of a band with so much promise and potential, while still maintaining the distinctive spirit and sound of Deer Tick that I love." -Caroline Bastarache

Opening the show is Los Angeles quartet, Dawes, who achieve the minimal, warm and live sound that all bands talk about doing at one point or another and yet separate themselves from anything you've ever heard. The record North Hills could be described as Leonard Cohen or Townes Van Zandt getting a hold of that soul band we always wanted to hear them with.

Deer Tick 7/22 @ Iron Horse

Tickets can be had here.

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