Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Christine Lavin and Don White, music and comedy at the Iron Horse at 7PM on Sunday, July 26th

Fans who have been following Christine Lavin during her 25-year-long career know that the singer-songwriter can alternately bring wails of laughter or tears of heartbreak.

But when Lavin appears at The Iron Horse on Sunday, July 26th, expect the laughs to be doubled.

That's because she'll be appearing on a co-headlined bill with singer-comedian Don White.

"It's a perfect combination, because we're so different," Lavin said recently during a phone conversation from her New York City apartment. "He comes from a stand-up comedy background, into which he mixes in some guitar and singing, but my background is as a singer-songwriter who happens to write some funny songs. So we're kind of two sides of the same coin."

And, as it turns out, both Lavin and White are authors. In fact, White's short story collection, "Memoirs of a C Student," inspired Lavin to write her own nonfiction book, "Cold Pizza for Breakfast: a Mem-Wha," which is all about her quarter century on the road singing songs like "Sensitive New Age Men."

"I've been doing this for a long time, so I have a lot of stories to tell," she said. "So it was inspiring to read Don's book and start thinking about some of the things I've seen and done during my career."

Together, Lavin and White are quite a pair. There aren't two more engaging performers working the folk circuit than these two, and to see them performing together - and they will collaborate onstage, she said - should be a real treat.

"It's perfect, because lots of my fans are women and they drag their husbands to my shows, and I think the guys end up having a pretty good time," she said. "But if they drag their husbands to this show, they'll be in heaven, because (White's) really doing it from the guy's perspective."

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