Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Fab Faux brings the music of The Beatles to Northampton this Friday, May 8th at the Calvin Theatre

For starters, forget every notion you may have ever had about tribute bands. The Fab Faux don't weary goofy wigs, they don't get decked out in phony Sgt. Pepper's uniforms and they don't talk between songs with bogus British accents. But they just might be the most authentic live interpreters of the music of the Beatles on the planet. Well, perhaps other than Paul McCartney when he takes his own band on the road. The Fab Faux will be playing the Calvin Theatre in Northampton on Friday night in a show billed as "From the Cavern to the Rooftop." Led by bassist-singer Will Lee, best known for his work in the band on "The Late Show with David Letterman," and singer-guitarist-keyboardist Jimmy Vivino, a longtime member of Conan O'Brien's band, the Fab Faux formed in 1998 and have been drawing raves along with jaw-dropping looks of amazement from audiences ever since. (Read the rest of Kevin O'Hare's preview here.)

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