Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ok Go at Pearl Street this Wednesday 3/11 at 7PM

Any excuse to post this video is a good one and Ok Go's concert Wednesday night (3/11) in the Pearl Street Ballroom at 7PM is the best excuse I can imagine! Tix here.

Here's a cool Q&A courtesy Metromix Connecticut.
OK Go is back with new songs and, if you're lucky, new dance moves. Just don't expect to see the treadmills from the "Here It Goes Again" video when the band plays Toad's and Pearl Street this week—not exactly a tour-friendly prop, one would think. Drummer Dan Konopka took some time out from work on the band's new album to answer these 5 Questions...

1. Most well-respected rock bands aren't best known for their dance moves. Who's the worst dancer in the band, and should he be worried at all about job security?
I'm not totally sure who's our worst dancer. Damian, Andy and I are all equally pretty bad. However, the best OK Go dancer is undoubtedly Tim Nordwind. He slides, he glides, he's light as a feather on a dance floor. In terms of Tim breaking free and ditching us bad-dancing band mates—It's just a matter of time and the true legendary Tim will leave us to dazzle millions on "Dancing with The Stars."

2. What's the most bizarre or over-the-top concept you've been presented with for a video treatment?
Someone actually pitched me the idea to do the climax scene of the 1976 movie "The Boy In The Plastic Bubble" starring Jon Travolta. It's when Travolta's immune-deficient character, Tod Lubitch, is allowed by his doctor to leave his protective germ-proof suit and ride horseback off into the sunset with love-interest Gina. I thought it was a pretty funny idea but I'm pretty sure we will not make that video.

3. You seem to be settling into a cycle of about 3 years between albums. What's the biggest reason for that?
The biggest reason for the long wait on this new record is because the "Here It Goes Again" video came out very late in the "Oh No" record cycle. Fifty or so weeks after "Oh No" was available, that video was released, and when all the buzz started happening for the clip, it was like we had to start all over with touring and promotion. We went all over the world—Russia, Africa, Indonesia. We would've liked to get our albums out sooner, but it just wasn't possible.

4. Are you already feeling pressure to top the video concepts that really fueled the success of "Oh No"?
Not really. Making videos has always been about having fun for us. Having good ideas and trying them out. We're going to stick with that mentality and hopefully our videos will stay awesome.

5. Your new album isn't due until later this year—what should we expect on this tour?
We just finished mixing 10 tracks off our new album and have just started rehearsing for a short east coast tour. We've chosen to play five songs of those 10 on this leg. It's been tough to decide which tunes to play. Everyone has different ideas of what to play and where to place the songs in the set. It's been a challenge to imagine where songs like "Here It Goes Again" and "Get Over It" are gonna go and mix in with the new songs. Beginning of the set? End of the set? We haven't figured it out yet. We can say for sure is, OK Go fans will go home with a good dose of old and new. As far as dancing goes—you'll have to come out and see, but we try to always have some fun.

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