Monday, March 2, 2009

Fans line up early for American Idol David Archuleta performance at Pearl Street tonight.

Braving the cold and hoping for tickets, some dedicated fans started lining up as early as this morning in the bitter cold and snow. Would someone take some hot chocolate or something to them?
Archuletta actually came in second to David Cook on last year's Idol. These fans seem to think he was robbed.

The day after on a David chatboard:
(3:15:55 PM): hey david! its tori ahaha. I saw u last nite in Northampton and u were AMAZING! ahaha i was like jumping and waving(ish) ahah with my phone in the air so if you saw anyone like that, that was me. i was towards ur left, my right and sorta on an angle. u have such an amazing vocie and u thouch my heart evry time u sing. Durning Crush and Thousand Miles i was like crying like not crying crying but tearing up. (it was like how good u were and when u sing it like touches me.)lol yeah and then durning angels i started freaking out cause thats like my favorite sing. lol durning skool i randomly start singing you can and another one ahaha lol i rly wish i got to meet u again lol i met u in hartford ct on the AI tour lol u talked to me my mom and my friend for like 10 minutes even tho some guy was telling u to hurry up. ahaha u r amazing and im wearing my david shirt now! i met ur bassist, andre, and he's rly nice. ahaha i got a pic with him but it didnt show up. ahaha but he signed my "Mrs. Archuleta" shirt my mom was wearing lol cause i was gonna wear that but i wore my AI tour shirt. and he signed my new shirt im wearing now. lol he promised he would tell u that Tori and Jordan say hi and we love him "dearly" ahaha so he btr and if he does thats us! well, u r amazing! and i rly wanna c u on tour again. u r amazing and i love u soo much. u r the best. plz if u could comment me back that would make my life. u r soo talented ilove u!
luvv ya!
Tori <333

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