Tuesday, February 3, 2009

High Places + Soft Circle + Eric Hnatow THIS Friday, February 6th - 9:00PM Pearl Street Clubroom

High Places + Soft Circle + Eric Hnatow
THIS Friday, February 6th - 9:00PM
Pearl Street Clubroom

High Places began as an experiment in collaboration: two people with diverse artistic backgrounds coming together to merge their skills, aesthetic tastes, and music-making approaches. Robert Barber grew up listening to punk and hardcore, and Mary Pearson studied bassoon performance, but both gravitated toward a DIY compositional style and a love of layers. It is the affinity for layering that has thus far defined the duo, both in ideas and instrumentation. High Places' songs contain a fascinating range of aural layers: bells and bird calls over a wash of ocean waves; mallets hitting mixing bowls over treated guitar and glockenspiel; Mary's reflective vocals over Rob's homemade beats. The result is an imaginative and spacious amalgamation of sounds with a unique, almost Caribbean undertone that is as immediate as it is refreshing. (Thrill Jockey)

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Shared Islands (right click save link as)
Cosmonaut (right click save link as)
Head Spins (right click save link as)

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Soft Circle is Hisham Bharoocha from Brooklyn. Much of his music comes across steeped in mysticism: percussion continuously approaches, guitar lines meander like mist, sequencers trickle, ethereal chants echo like calls from a mountain, rhythms lull. His musical mantra is simple: "Try to show the beauty of what you enjoy in life". Despite the heavy use of familiar instrumentation, this music is never derivative, but gently exploring in its own seductive rhythms. The beat is prominent, but this is not dance hall. Turn the lights down low and you are transported to a place that is both comfortable and adventurous.

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Eric Hnatow - Local Favorite! Machines being controlled by hands to create an electronic freak-out revival via a single man. Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet. Always teetering on the edge of a disaster. There is something primitive and unrefined about this music that keeps you hanging onto each blip or squiggle of the lush synth lines. Something about it sounds a little off while managing to sound dead on.
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