Friday, December 5, 2008

Jeremy Enigk (of Sunny Day Real Estate) plus Mark Schwaber and Sara Gomes, Wednesday, December 10th, 8:30 –Iron Horse

Former Sunny Day Real Estate frontman Jeremy Enigk returns to the heavier rock sound of his old band on his third solo album, tentatively titled "OK Bear" and due in February via his own Lewis Hollow label. The album was recorded outside Barcelona with a group of musicians introduced to Enigk by a mutual friend from Seattle and produced by Santi Garcia and Standstill's Ricky Falkner. "These guys are Sunny Day Real Estate fans and the moment they got their hands on my songs, whether they were mellow or not, they turned them into heavy rockers," Enigk tells

"OK Bear," includes rockers like "Late of Camera" and "Find Idea," alongside "April Storm" ("That's on a Ryan Adams/"Love Is Hell"-type of kick," Enigk says) and the Gram Parsons-inspired "Same Side Imaginary." "This is probably the first time I've ever dabbled with a country feel. Because it's me, it doesn't sound like a country song too much, but you can hear the influence," Enigk says of the latter.

Jeremy is playing a handful of new songs on his just-started U.S. tour which brings him to the Iron Horse along with a second guitarist. Fans can expect a mix of solo tracks, including the rarely played "Call Me Steam" and "Burn," alongside a handful of Sunny Day Real Estate tunes.

The mood on Mark Schwaber and Sara Gomes's album “Two Years” shifts from straight-up rock to sparse, nylon-string dirges, but the unmistakable constant is Schwaber's superb songwriting, compelling the listener to revisit the songs again and again. Every song on this album is a gem and they’re a joy to behold live. This will be a night of many moods.

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