Thursday, November 13, 2008

Swedes Loney Dear get us weepy, rare video for Fountains of Wayne's knee-crumbling song Troubled Times, Dar Williams covers FOW.

Here at IHEG Towers in downtown Northampton today, Brendan and I were talking about how music sounds different, usually better, on rainy days. This may explain why I teared up at a song or two from Loney Dears MySpace page. Try the song Hold Me. Your going to need some duct work. Loney Dear (pictured at left, sometimes spelled Loney, Dear) is Swedish. I knew I was going to be a pushover for the band when I saw their top MySpace friends: Andrew Bird, Arvo Part, Innocence Mission, Grizzly Bear. It's flowing with the minor chord aspects of Beatles/Beach Boys. We might bring them in for a gig in Northampton. What do you think? Troubled Times, one of the most gripping and moving Fountains of Wayne songs, is covered by Dar Williams on her new album Promised Land. She chose to say "everything you put her through" rather than "all the shit you put her through." No big deal I guess. I'm trying to figure out if Dar, as a female voice, is adopting a female perspective lyrically, which means the song is a woman talking to a guy about another girl instead of the lyrics being the guy's voice in his own head mulling it over. These things keep me up at night. Listen to Dar's version of Troubled Times here on her MySpace page. You have to find it in the songs. Dar plays at 7 and 9:30 on Friday night December 26th at the Iron Horse. Can you say "magical evening?" A little bird whispered something about a full band acoustic Fountains of Wayne show in the Spring as will. Gird your emotions melodramaticists! This video recently resurfaced on YouTube Japan. It's not a fan video though it has the homemade quality.

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