Sunday, October 19, 2008

Deerhoof, in a sparkling pop phase, play Pearl Street Ballroom this Friday 10.24 at 9PM

Ultimately, Deerhoof is not about notes and rhythms, but about emotion. They have that Brian Wilson gift for communicating every shade of their lyrics, even with the barest of rock and roll provisions. Their new album, Offend Maggie, is their "feel" record - loose and funky and deliciously rough around the edges. Say what you will about Deerhoof, but they know how to write a beautiful song. Offend Maggie is all the more beautiful for the fact that it seems to come out of nowhere. It's a new sound for the band as much as it's a new sound for pop music. While John Dieterich's acoustic guitar seems to channel Malian guitarist Ali Farka Toure, Ed Rodriguez's electric conjures classic Pete Townsend. For those who have been following their remarkable career, Offend Maggie represents another Deerhoofian high-watermark, even as it shows another abrupt shift in direction. Their live shows are superb. Experimental Dental School and Flying open.

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