Friday, September 26, 2008

Devon Sproule, Rachel Unthank and The Winterset at the Horse last Thursday.

Devon Sproule from Charlottesville VA started the show off and was just great. I mean it. She had none of those sheepish, coy, mumbly, characteristics that some sensitive singer/sonwriter's wear. Nor was she polished to a packaged sheen. Her stories were all relevant, her lyrics ran the emotional gamut, and I didn't hear her miss a note or chord on the guitar...and she was playing all over the fretboard with velocity and precision. A must see!

Rachel and gang were all they were alleged to be as far as "captivating" and "hypnotic." They built slowly but by the end, the audience was fully won over. Rachel is 3rd from left. I felt their material was on the dark side but it's not everybody's job to play happy feel-good music. They all had stellar voices and the material was traditional but not dusty.I was squeemish at first but I see now why they're getting such rave reviews and I hope the USA gets them musically. T hey did a Robert Wyatt cover which was super cool. Just another magical night of music in Northampton. I meant to go see The Maggies across town but was feeling every year of my middle age and retired for the evening with a copy of The Economist followed by nightmares filled with old white guys and a big sucking sound.

I took these pictures which is why they're pretty crappy. -Jim

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