Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Submarines make beautiful pop music, sometimes about each other. They play the Iron Horse TONIGHT, Tuesday May 27th at 7PM.

Honeysuckle Weeks marks the first time that The Submarines - John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard - have collaborated as a duo from start to finish. Their debut, Declare A New State!, was written separately during a breakup… but when the pair discovered the songs they had written were about each other (and their sadness in having broken up), they decided to work on a few songs and eventually got back together.

“Our first album was hugely cathartic for us to make, dealing with a breakup and getting out the sorrow, but we’ve been ready to freak out and have a lot more fun this time around. We’re thankful not to have to make that record again, to be in a better place,” says Hazard. Honeysuckle Weeks is a glorious collage of The Submarines’ wide-ranging influences, from Beach Boys harmonies with Eno electronics, to old-school dub, to 60’s pop. The duo was joined on a number of tracks by the phenomenal Section Quartet (who play with Sam Phillips on Sunday, August 3rd at the Iron Horse.) The song "Brightest Hour" by the Submarines appeared on an episode of Grey's Anatomy recently for the record. That show has a great music supervisor.

Openers The Headlights sound like a nice fit based on a listen to their new album, Some Racing, Some Stopping so all in all this will be a memorable night of dreamy pop music, boys and girls!

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