Saturday, April 19, 2008

Majestic rock from Ladyhawk and Neva Dinova this Thursday at 10PM at the Iron Horse

Ladyhawk's foreboding guitar rock is drenched in a drunken, self-loathing stupor. The aggressive energy of their new record, Shots, erupts in the form of gritty dissonance and exuberant chaos. Bellowed choruses and surging guitar riffs contrast with hazy, tormented atmospherics, spawning a crusty creature of an album. The critically acclaimed and gloriously sloppy "S.T.H.D." recalls fellow Canadian band Wolf Parade, while other songs evoke Neil Young, Built to Spill, and sometimes-affiliate Black Mountain. This quartet of childhood friends from British Columbia locked themselves in an isolated farm house, with only their recording equipment, booze and a piss pot for company. They emerged two weeks later with the raw and spooky "Shots," released in March on Jagjaguwar Records.

Opener Neva Dinova has been a staple in the Omaha scene since forming in the early nineties. Named after the grandmother of guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Jake Bellows (who often collaborates with Bright Eyes), the band produces a melancholic sound of dreamy opulence to match their poetic lyrics. -Alida Bystrom

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